More News From My Day Job

As many readers may already be aware, my day job is a Lecturer and researcher at the Center for Empirical Research in the Law at Washington University in St. Louis.  Recently I became the lead developer for the Supreme Court Database, one of CERL’s flagship projects, and yesterday we released the newest version of the database, including coverage of cases from 1791 through today.  The database is used for a variety of legal research and journalism projects, so if you’re a stats & analysis nerd in addition to a comic book and legal nerd, check it out!

2 responses to “More News From My Day Job

  1. TimothyAWiseman

    Thank you for pointing this out. It looks like an interesting resource that is right up my alley as a lawyer that started as a database administrator and programmer.

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of DBMS do you have on the backend? I do most of my work with SQL Server, but something like this seems like it might benefit from one of the NoSQL solutions.

    • Internally it’s built on MySQL. The system rarely has a large number of simultaneous users, and it doesn’t contain a particularly large number of tables or rows, so MySQL works pretty well. It wouldn’t be my first choice today, but it was a reasonable choice when the original designers built the system 10 years ago.

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