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We are excited to announce The Law of Superheroes, a new book inspired by Law and the Multiverse and published by Gotham Books, a division of Penguin.  Featuring thirteen chapters covering a wide range of legal topics, The Law of Superheroes is an entertaining analysis of comic book characters and stories and a fun way to learn about legal principles.  We recommend The Law of Superheroes to anyone with an interest in comic books or the law.  You can order copies from any of these booksellers:

Barnes & Noble
iTunes iBookstore


Wall Street Journal: “a highly readable survey of basic legal theory and an entertaining exploration of the comic book canon.”

Boing Boing: “extremely informative and incredibly entertaining … the authors show real aptitude for legal education and first-rate comics nerdery. It’s a delicious combination!”

Popehat: “The Law of Superheroes is both entertaining and informative. People who aren’t lawyers or law-geeks will learn something about the law, and lawyers and law-geeks will be thoroughly entertained at the application of familiar principles to comic extravaganzas.”

Shelf Awareness: “superpowered geekery of epically entertaining proportions”

Mommy’s Busy…Go Ask Daddy!: “I’m far from a lawyer, but this these guys bring up such a unique and fresh perspective on superheroes, that I’m instantly sucked in. … a highly entertaining read. Not only will you actually learn some legal jargon and get a better grasp on the legal system as a whole, but these guys legitimately try to answer all of these hypothetical questions.”

Amazon Reviews: “The Law of Superheroes is a fun, quirky book with great crossover potential. The authors approach both topics from an introductory perspective, so that the reader need not have much preexisting knowledge of either to follow along. A must for anyone who enjoys pop culture analysis, Smart Pop style.”

LibraryThing: “a great way to explain real law in a fun and entertaining manner.”

GoodReads: “I came out of this book with a better understanding of the law, which surprised and delighted me, honestly. They even say that they wanted to make the law a bit more interesting, and they succeeded.”

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  11. I’d love to read the book; ironically, when I tried to buy it, it doesn’t seem to be available in either the Kindle or iTunes store here in Australia. Probably a legal issue. :-/

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  14. Just bought it from Amazon (June 3, 2013). Per Amazon, the book will not be delivered until Oct 1. So, not really “available” in the traditional sense.

    • Really? That’s odd. It shows as available for two-day shipping via Amazon Prime for me. Did you select the hardcover or the paperback? The hardcover is available now. The paperback release date is October 1st.

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  19. I just picked up the book looking forward to reading it. I didn’t know there was a hardcover edition. I called the bookstore to have one put on the side didn’t think to ask about a hardcover.
    Will there be any audio version of this book?

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