Daredevil Season 2

I’ve received a few different questions about the second season of Daredevil, which puts Matt & Foggy’s legal practice front and center in a key storyline, which I won’t spoil here.  I’ve just gotten through watching the season, and wow is there ever a lot to discuss—and not in a good way.  More to follow.

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  1. Martin Phipps

    I take it Matt Murdock could be in serious trouble if the general public knew that he was both the vigilante who performed the citizen’s arrest and the lawyer who was defending him in court.

  2. Terry Washington

    Yes, conflict of interest could be an issue!

  3. “Not in a good way,” huh? Yeah, the portrayal of courtroom procedure was pretty atrocious.

    • More than just procedure. Ethical errors all over the place, particularly from the DA, and especially when the DA is supposedly calling Mudock & Nelson out on ethical mistakes.

  4. James Pollock

    I suspect that there’s a catch-all excuse for everything: EVERYTHING is corrupt in Hell’s Kitchen.

  5. To be honest, the rumors I’ve heard about the portrayals of courtroom procedure in the second season have kept me from watching it. At some point, I will ultimately do so, but I am filled with a bit of dread.

  6. To be fair, the DA’s ethical violations and hypocrisy were presented as exactly that. Which is why Matt and Foggy were so confused by her behavior as it was contrary to everything they knew about law.

  7. I was willing to let just about all of of the legal stuff slide until (spoilers for final episode) Foggy — who’s been practicing law for what, a year at this point? — gets offered not just a position at a prestigious firm (which is understandable), but to be made a NAME partner. All on the strength of his opening statement in the Punisher trial, which wasn’t THAT good to begin with.

    But really, the legal flaws in Season 2 pale in comparison to the sheer awfulness of the Hand/Elektra storyline.

    • James Pollock

      They apparently want him bad enough that they’ll advance him the equity buy-in.

      Maybe the other equity partner is Jen Walters?

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