Bound by Law: A Copyright Law Comic Book

Hat tip to Kohel Haver for pointing me to Bound by Law, a free comic book created by the Duke Law School Center for the Study of the Public Domain.  Bound by Law is a funny but educational introduction to the basics of copyright law, including fair use, infringement, and the public domain.  The book uses a documentary filmmaker as an example, but many of the issues apply equally to other arts and media.  Check it out!

2 responses to “Bound by Law: A Copyright Law Comic Book

  1. “Incidental” copyright claims (such as a filmmaker shooting street scenes and someone happening to be listening to a certain song) are parasitic claims, IMO. The law provides that such are not violations, but studios/labels/etc continue to make these claims and shake people down for fees because it’s cheaper than fighting the lawsuit.

    Why do courts continue to make it possible for these claims to be made? When the law is settled already? Isn’t it an abuse of the courts?

  2. The book has been out for a while (yikes – just over 10 years now). Good stuff.

    It would be interesting to see just if graphic treatise is a viable genre.
    The Retconning (Third) of Torts?

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