Mailbag Update!

I promise I’m not dead!  I started a new job at the Washington University in St. Louis Center for Empirical Research in the Law a few weeks ago, and it has kept me very busy.  I hope to find a spare few hours to write up a proper post soon.  Topics that people have asked about include:

  • New developments in She-Hulk, particularly with regard to ethical issues surrounding the legal practice of “Matt Rocks”
  • All kinds of questions about Multiple Man in general
  • A follow-up to She-Hulk #1: would Walters have been liable for breaking the firm’s table during her resignation?
  • A fascinating question about the legal liability faced by Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park: by shutting down the park’s systems, would he have been guilty of murder, manslaughter, or something else?  (assuming US law applied on Isla Nublar)
  • The accuracy of a certain ethical disciplinary action taken against Laurel Lance on Arrow (vague in case it’s a spoiler; I haven’t been following Arrow very closely lately)
  • Thor: God of Thunder #21: Roxxon sues Thor and announces its intention to seek restraining orders against him worldwide in response to the alleged destruction of various Roxxon facilities by Thor
  • From video games: just how legal is anything Lara Croft does?
  • And much more!

I hope to address these soon.  In the mean time, if any readers who happen to be legal professionals or enterprising law students would like to take a crack at these, I would be happy to publish guest posts.  Bonus points if someone wants to write about the Jurassic Park question and compare US and Costa Rican criminal law.

10 responses to “Mailbag Update!

  1. Hi, I’m an attorney that focuses on on video game legal issues. Well, issues in the video game industry, not generally legal issues in the video games themselves, but I’d love to take a crack at the Tomb Raider issue you described.

  2. Lara Croft is tricky because it’s so international. Going solely off US historical preservation law, NAGPRA, NHPA, etc. (and applicable state laws) would all pretty thoroughly conclude she’s a despicable destroyer valuable archaeological sites.

    Except in Texas. Texas notably cares almost not at all beyond what’s forced on it federally.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!

  4. I second the congratulations on the new job!

  5. If you haven’t started working on it I would like to looking at legal issues presented in She-Hulk in general. I follow the series and have been keeping a sharp eye on it. I am not a practicing lawyer, I am a law student still, but have some experience on (

  6. Have you started to do some looking into the events of Superior Iron Man with Extremis 3.0 app (doubling as virus) and Iron Sight? We know he’s be breaking a lot of privacy laws.

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