Family Law Insider Podcast

Last week I was the guest on the Family Law Insider podcast, which is produced by the Hernandez Family Law firm.  Family law is not the most frequent topic on Law and the Multiverse (perhaps unsurprisingly that honor goes to criminal law), but it has come up several times.  Thanks to Wendy Hernandez for a fun interview!

(I’ll go ahead and own up to not being as familiar with Hank Pym’s relationship with the Wasp as I should have been.  Also, I completely blanked on naming any homosexual characters, which was especially a shame in this context given the controversy over Batwoman’s (non)-wedding.)

3 responses to “Family Law Insider Podcast

  1. James Pollock

    You blanked on naming gay characters?

    The Ambiguously Gay Duo comes to mind right off the bat!

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