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I recently co-authored an article with Professor Brad Desnoyer and Janet Fries discussing superhero-related intellectual property topics, both real and fictional.  Last month the article was published in Landslide, the magazine of the ABA section of IP law, as the cover story!  You can read the article for free online. Thanks to Brad and Janet for their excellent work on the article and to David Postolski for putting everything together.

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  1. Your analysis of Batman’s effects on Wayne Enterprises seemed thorough (I assume patent law is a personal interest), but they assume that patents have not yet issued. It seems possible that Waynetech is a patent troll, developing patents, building proof-of-concept inventions… and then sitting on them, waiting for someone to infringe.

    Actually, I always thought Batman’s gadgets were trade secrets rather than patentable inventions (Batman himself seems to operate more in a “trade secrets” frame of mind, don’t you think?) Do you plan a companion piece focusing on how Batman’s use of Waynetech equipment affects their trade secret protection under UTSA?

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