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[Spoiler Alert for The Dark Knight Rises.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.]

Last month I was invited onto Lawyer2Lawyer to discuss legal issues raised by the end of The Dark Knight Rises, as originally discussed in this guest post by Mike Lee. Lawyer2Lawyer is a podcast that analyzes contemporary news topics from a legal perspective on the Legal Talk Network. Normally they cover serious news stories, but this time the question was “is Batman legally dead?”  I was joined on the show by Michael Baroni, General Counsel at Palace Entertainment and a long-time Batman fan.

Listen here: Is Batman Legally Dead?

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  1. Melanie Koleini

    I just listened to the podcast and it reminded me of a question I’ve had for a while. If it is too close to a real legal issue, sorry.
    Science fiction often shows cool inventions that don’t yet exist in the real world but may in the future. Could the fictional depiction of inventions invalidate real world patents?

    For example, Mr. Spook and Dr. McCoy publicly used a tricorder in the 1960s. I’m not a patent lawyer but I understand someone holds the patent on the concept of a tricorder (not a working model but the idea of remotely collecting data of human vital signs). I’ve never heard of a legal case that used that argument to try to invalidate a patent, but the podcast seemed to suggest it would be a valid argument.
    (I’m really hoping that someday a US court will officially declare a patent invalid because Gene Roddenberry or Joules Vern wasn’t listed as a co-inventor.)

  2. I believe that the description of “Waterbeds” in the novella “Waldo” by Robert Heinlein was use as an example of prior art to deign a patent for the real thing,

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