Comics University at Star Clipper

My local comic book store, Star Clipper, is putting on a series of free lectures and movie screenings this summer called Comics University.  Attendees can earn coupons, gift cards, and other prizes, and the course list looks like a lot of fun—and not just because I’m teaching a class on The Law of Superheroes on Wednesday, July 31st.  Like the other Comics U classes, it will run from 7pm to 9pm.  If you’re in the St. Louis area I hope to see you there!

(NB: There will always be standing room, but to reserve a seat for a class, send an email to the day after a class to register for the following class.  For example, to register for The Law of Superheroes, send an email on Thursday, July 25th.)

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  1. Learning that this is going to happen is making me regret moving out of StL to go to law school.

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