Batman at the Volokh Conspiracy

Ryan has a guest post at The Volokh Conspiracy today: Batman, Appropriations, and “Augmentation.”  It discusses events from the very end of Volume 1 of Detective Comics, right before the New 52 reboot.

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  1. I suppose Wayne could try to sidestep that at the federal level by simply voluntarily paying higher taxes with an informal assurance that they would push Congress to agree that the specific amount would go to the FBI (or some other agency) in the budget, but he has absolutely no guarantees that the money would actually be spent for that (and it would still be dubious).

  2. James Pollock

    Would the anti-augmentation act prevent the lab from obtaining forensic evidence, processing it, and publishing the results (following which, the evidence tech being called to testify in one or more criminal trials)?

    One of the big complaints in forensics is that there is a huge backlog of untested DNA kits. I would think that processing them in a private facility and at private expense would be helpful. Or does the fact that the testing was done privately create inherent doubt as to authenticity? Or does the need for chain-of-custody flatly preclude sending the evidence out of the public sphere?

    • Melanie Koleini

      I might be wrong but I thought most of the DNA testing backlog was for crimes under state jurisdiction. That means the federal augmentation rules wouldn’t be an issue.

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