The Guardianship of Bruce Wayne

This month’s Subculture for the Cultured column discusses Alfred’s guardianship of Bruce Wayne following his parents’ death.  Check it out!

3 responses to “The Guardianship of Bruce Wayne

  1. Terry Washington

    With the benefit of hindsight it certainly seems odd that NONE of Thomas OR Martha Wayne’s relatives seemed able or willing to provide young Bruce with a home- and instead old family retainer Alfred Pennysworth(who had neither blood or marital ties to the Wayne clan) was selected to his guardian!

    • That just shows how loyal Alfred was, and how concerned Thomas and Martha were that the rest of their families would only be concerned with controlling young Bruce’s wealth.

    • IIRC, in the latest reboot, Martha Wayne had relatives, but they were only interested in the money, so it’s possible the will specifically disinherited them. ( they tried to take Wayne Manor while Bruce was off training to become Batman under the assumption Bruce was dead- the disinheriting wouldn’t apply anymore since they would inherit from Bruce) As for Thomas Wayne, he may well have been the only survivor- the Wayne family had been targeted for a while by a secret organization active in Gotham called the Court Of Owls. Several previous Waynes had, in fact, been killed by the Court.

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