Election Day Special

Here at Law and the Multiverse we take no position regarding the various elections being held today in the United States, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the fictional candidates that have appeared in comic books over the years.  If you don’t like your choices this election, you might like them better after looking at some of these turkeys.

I. Thor Odinson (Earth-20604)

In this alternate reality, almost everyone on Earth has superpowers, and Thor is President of the United States.  Apparently this alternate United States also lacks the natural born citizen requirement to be president, since Earth-20604 Thor was born on Asgard to Asgardian parents and wasn’t a US citizen in 1783 when the Constitution was adopted.

Vice President: Reed Richards

Platform: Superpowers for everyone!  Just take these handy Skrull pills.  Side-effects may include superfast aging.

Legacy: Killed by invading Skrulls.  Who would’ve thought that Skrull technology could backfire?

II. Anthony “Tony” Stark (Earth-20318)

In this alternate reality, Tony Stark is President and the Exiles serve as his Secret Service detail.

Vice President: Unknown

Platform: Laissez-faire capitalism and a strong defense policy, presumably.

Legacy: Assassinated.  Apparently the Exiles weren’t such great bodyguards!

III. Tin Man (Earth-8)

An obvious DC analog to Tony Stark, Tin Man becomes President in an alternate reality that is an homage to the Marvel Civil War storyline.

Vice President: Americommando (Captain America, basically)

Platform: Metahuman registration.

Legacy: Assassinated (that seems to happen a lot with these guys).

IV. Alexander “Lex” Luthor (New Earth)

The only one of our fictional Presidents in a mainstream continuity, Lex had an initially successful (if duplicitous) presidency eventually undone by his maniacal obsession with defeating his enemies.  Very Nixonian.

Vice President: Peter Ross

Platform: A better tomorrow through technology (“A flying car in every garage”).

Legacy: Declared Batman and Superman to be public enemies, injected himself with Venom and kryptonite in order to fight Superman, went insane, and was impeached.  Succeeded by his Vice President.

V. Clark “Superman” Kent (unnamed alternate reality)

After Superman saves presidential candidate Peter Ross from an assassination attempt, his secret identity is revealed.  Ross lives but asks Kent to run in his place.  Kent wins in a landslide, though his eligibility for the presidency is questioned.  Ultimately the Supreme Court decides that Kent is a natural born citizen, since in this continuity he was sent to Earth as an embryo in a Kryptonian birthing matrix and ‘born’ after the rocket landed in Kansas.

Vice President: Sarah Hemming

Platform: “My friends, it is time to reject the politics of exclusion and, instead, embrace the politics of unity!”  “It will be a major goal of this administration to weed out the corruption and white-collar crime that drain our economy.  And on the matter of the economy…we must begin an all-out war on the deficit!”

Legacy: Reducing the national debt, rescuing a captive diplomat, founding the Civilian Ecology Corps, establishing an orbital solar energy program, creating low cost housing in Gotham, uniting the world’s superheroes in the pursuit of world peace, and eliminating the global arms trade.  Clearly a one term President if there ever was one.

16 responses to “Election Day Special

  1. Hey, you forgot “What if Captain America Had Become President?” (on the third party nomination he refused in “main” continuity.)

    Vice-President: Senator Andrew Jackson (something)

    Platform: Solar power, and foreign intervention to support the GOOD GUYS. (That makes it all different.)

    Fate: Killed in fight to the death with (of course) the Red Skull.

  2. Be amusing to quiz the characters on their views on foreign policy, domestic economics, social issues and proper law enforcement.

  3. Don’t forget Prez Rickard, the first teenage President of the United States of America, whose election had been made possible by a Constitutional amendment lowering the age of eligibility to accommodate the then-influential youth culture of the baby boom.
    (Later featured in a Sandman comic.)

  4. What about Lex Luthor is Red Son?

    Vice-President: Unknown

    Platform: Centrally planning the economy in opposition to Superman-led communism.

    Legacy: Defeated Brainiac and Superman, brought about world peace and prosperity now that he was no longer obsessing over how to defeat Superman.

  5. Thor isn’t such a constitutionally unusual pick, if only because he is so old. If you will recall, it wasn’t until Martin Van Buren (8th president) that we had a president who had been born in the United States. All the previous ones, as was, presumably, Thor, were born before the declaration of independence and became citizens through the process of the Revolution. I don’t know enough about Thor to talk about his specific circumstances, but if he was around in the late 18th century he is certainly constitutionally eligible. Even if he did not get citizenship until later, he may well still be grandfathered in as a natural born citizen.

    • Here is the relevant text “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” As far as I’m aware, no version of Thor was a citizen of the US at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, though as you say it’s not impossible, given his age. But this particular version of Thor is based on Ultimate Thor, who wasn’t around in the US until the 20th century.

  6. As for Superman – he might not be a “natural born” citizen since his father was (obviously) not a citizen when he was born, but doesn’t he at least qualify as a “native born” citizen since he was adopted by citizens as a young child? Given the number of exceptional beings and their offspring running around in the alternate universes, the requirements could easily have been loosened at least this much.
    Or if he ran as Clark Kent (assuming his alter-ego and therefore his Kryptonian heritage was not known), wouldn’t he be assumed to be “natural born” since he was found abandoned in the middle of America as a very young child?
    Either one of these possibilities would make him eligible to be president.

    • It isn’t 100% clear what “natural born citizen” means, but in my opinion the most widely agreed-upon definition is “one who was a citizen at the time of their birth.” Thus, a non-citizen child adopted by citizens could not qualify because they can’t be adopted until after they are born.

      Clark Kent could possibly run as himself. In some continuities he’s even claimed as Jonathan and Martha Kent’s actual child (although if push came to shove DNA testing might make a hash out of that).

  7. I wonder why Bruce Wayne has never been president.

    • Bruce seems to be happier as the backstage manipulator. It’s hard to stay in the shadows when you’ve just stepped into the biggest spotlight of them all. (And think of all the potential scandals, even if the Batman ID never comes out. A “playboy” lifestyle has undone more than one promising candidacy.)

      That said, I’d bet the Wayne fortune could make a would-be candidate *very* happy.

      • Seth Finkelstein

        Bruce Wayne vs e.g. Koch brothers as a political subplot would make for an interesting story thread. The “playboy” image could even be worked in as opposing all the anti-reproductive-rights conservative politics.

      • Which assumes that Bruce Wayne is socially liberal. He’s definitely against firearms but writers tend to avoid giving superheroes consistent politics (at least not until those politics are unquestionably mainstream).

  8. Kyle Richmond, the Earth-Squadron version of Nighthawk, was briefly President there. Little else was revealed about his administration.

  9. Clark would totally be a one-term president…

    Because he’s run out of stuff to do!

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