Amicus Curiae Comic

At Law and the Multiverse we mainly talk about how the law is portrayed in comics.  Well here is a very literal example: an amicus curiae brief / comic filed in the ebook price-fixing case, U.S. v. Apple et al.  The brief was illustrated by Julia Alekseyeva and written by Bob Kohn, who is the co-author of Kohn on Music Licensing and knows a thing or two about copyright law.  We take no position on the case itself or the merits of the brief, but it’s easy to read and very entertaining.  There have been illustrated court filings before (here’s the sad backstory to that one), but this is the first full-blown comic we’ve seen.

Thanks to Len for forwarding the brief to us.

3 responses to “Amicus Curiae Comic

  1. Craig A. Glesner

    That was very cool. Thank you. I enjoyed it and the ending is cute, but no true, it just takes a lot more work.

  2. I sent this to my sister, an IP attorney. Her response:

    “That attorney’s going to either get lauded for his unique presentation or completely thumped for ignoring all of the briefing rules except page length. (The law clerks that have to check all of his references are going to be pretty ticked that he didn’t use pinpoint cites…)”

  3. Blue Book fail. Legal research and writing professors everywhere are crying. But if this were what lawyers really did, we’d have a lot more cool lawyers and a lot less ***holes in the legal profession.

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