Recent Coverage Roundup

While many of our posts are tweeted and blogged about, our recent post on Nick Fury and Illegal Orders has attracted more attention than usual, so we thought we’d give a shout out to people and sites that have written about us recently.  The illegal orders post was republished in its entirety on io9, and linked on Whedonesque, Dr. Sputnik’s Society Pages (a blog related to, Nodwick (you can expect a post on related comic PS238 soon), and Diane Duane‘s tumblr.

Our other Avengers-related posts were also written about at blogs like The Mary Sue, A Very Nice Website, the Administrative Law Prof Blog, Wired’s Geek Dad blog, and Alyssa Rosenberg’s blog at Thinkprogress.

Adam Chodorow’s guest post about Death and Taxes and Zombies (and the related full-length article) naturally caught the attention of the internet with write-ups and discussion at io9, MetaFilter, and Neatorama.

Our most recent Subculture for the Cultured column, Daredevil and International Law, received praise from Christopher Borgen, a professor and associate dean at St. John’s University School of Law and co-founder of Opinio Juris, an international law blog.

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