NOLHGA Annual Legal Seminar

We’re happy to announce that Ryan and I will be speaking at the National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations20th Annual Legal Seminar, July 26-27 in Boston.  The program includes many fantastic speakers, and we’re excited to be among them.  We’ll be giving a talk on legal ethics using examples drawn from superhero attorneys such as Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Manhunter.  And on that note, can anyone recommend a good comic book store in the Back Bay area to check out while we’re in town?

4 responses to “NOLHGA Annual Legal Seminar

  1. I work in the Back Bay area! My usual comic store is the New England Comics in Brookline, but if you’re anywhere near Kenmore Square, you really want to check out Comicopia.

    Here are their websites:

  2. Back when I lived in Boston (a long time ago), I lived just down the street from Newbury Comics (332 Newbury St.). Here’s their website:

  3. I just got the mobile version on a desktop PC again.

  4. Million Year Picnic in Harvard Square is also good, and just a “T” ride away. For SF/F books, try Pandemonium in Central Square.

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