Tonner Doll Convention & The Summit City Comic Con

Today we have some news about recent and upcoming appearances and talks.

First, James and Ryan recently spoke at the Tonner Doll Company’s 2011 convention.  Tonner has long had a great DC Comics product line, and our talk—about Superman’s citizenship and renunciation thereof—was part of the announcement of Tonner’s new line of Marvel Comics dolls, which starts off with Captain America and a host of X-Men characters (e.g. Phoenix and the Scarlet Witch).  We had a great time at the convention, and we’d like to thank Robert Tonner for inviting us and everyone at the convention for being such a terrific audience.  The Q&A session after the talk was great, and if anyone from the convention has a question we didn’t have a chance to answer, please email us at and or leave a comment on this post.

Second, Ryan will be appearing at the Summit City Comic Con on June 18 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This will be Law and the Multiverse’s first comic con appearance, and we hope to make it the first of many.  If there’s a convention in your area that might be interested in having us give a talk or participate in a panel, drop us a line!

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  1. I can safely say that your talk during the Tonner convention was the most enjoyable experience I had at the convention. Thanks for keeping a non-doll collector like myself engaged at what I thought was going to be a mostly mundane event.

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