Pro Bono Radio Redux

Law and the Multiverse has inspired another episode of Pro Bono Radio, a program of CFRC, the radio station of Queen’s University.  The episode can be downloaded here.  Interspersed between law-themed superhero radio show parodies, the hosts discuss mind control, the necessity defense, and indestructibility and factual impossibility.  We think you’ll enjoy hearing about the Canadian perspective on these issues.  The radio show parodies are pretty funny, too.

Bonus: Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight gets a mention this time around, particularly Murmur.

One response to “Pro Bono Radio Redux

  1. You know, even in real life, a woman dressed like that could probably whisper to most men and get them to do just about anything. I don’t know if that could be used as a defense though if somebody ended up committing a crime.

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