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Powers: Little Deaths

The third major story in Powers is entitled “Little Deaths.” It has to do with the investigation into the death of a superhero known as “Olympia,” discovered dead, and completely naked, in a crappy apartment in a seedy part of town. This story lends itself to a discussion on the issue of superheroes and privacy rights. James wrote a four-part series on privacy rights (1, 2, 3, 4) in December 2010, and we had a pair of guest posts on the related right of publicity (1, 2) in late 2011, but I don’t think either of us have come across another story that touches on these issues so directly.

Definite spoilers within, and almost right away. Like most of the Powers stories, this is a murder mystery, but it’s hard to talk about some of the legal issues without giving it away. If you haven’t read it and want to preserve the sense of surprise, go read it and check back. You have been warned.

Also: This story is a little on the racy side. We’re a family blog, but this post is basically a legal analysis of the public disclosure of allegedly private facts, specifically details of superheroes’ sexual histories. If that isn’t something you want to read about, maybe skip this one. Continue reading

ABA Litigation Section Roundtable

On Tuesday, March 19th I will be speaking at an ABA Section of Litigation Roundtable, presented by the Business Torts Committee and co-sponsored by the Young Advocates Committee.  The Roundtable will be available via teleconference from 12pm-12:50pm Central / 1pm-1:50pm Eastern and also live here in St. Louis at the St. Louis University Law School, room 303.  Click here to register for the teleconference.  If you would like to attend in person, please RSVP to

The roundtable topic will be superhero attorney ethics, but since this is not a CLE presentation, the conversation will not necessarily be limited to that subject.  I hope you can attend!