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An interview with James and Ryan was featured on All Things Considered today.  If you couldn’t catch it live, check the link to hear the full interview.

Welcome to all NPR listeners and readers!

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  1. I work at St. Louis Public Radio and just heard the interview. Proud to hear that one of you is a St. Louisan!

  2. Just one question:

    Would Kryptonians really have X-ray vision on Krypton, given that its sun was a red one and therefore didn’t give them any superpowers?

    • No, and we discussed that at the time, actually. It was more of a hypothetical “what if all Kryptonians had X-ray vision” discussion. That’s why I never wrote a post about it. My apologies if that wasn’t clear in the interview.

  3. The ancient Kryptonians would have lived under a yellow sun back in the day, so I suppose they could’ve had X-ray vision then.

    We are both technically correct, which is the best kind of correct!

  4. I just heard about you guys on NPR. What a great idea! Very interesting.

  5. I have a question for you; at what level is the identity of a superhero protected? If they have established themselves where everyone knows they are “Batman” or “Spiderman” would they have to unmask to testify in court? I’m writing a book series and am very interested in this answer. Thanks in advance and great interview!

  6. I heard you on NPR this afternoon. Love your concept! Makes law interesting and maybe even fun!

  7. I am so glad I listened today. I ponder these issues all the time.

  8. I bookmarked your page.

  9. I heard about you on NPR yesterday and promptly forwarded you blog to our high school’s mock trial team. This sounds like an excellent way to get the youngsters interested in a law career. Thanks!

  10. The Superman mythos has been changed several times. Originally the Kryptonians had superpowers on Krypton (this was even before the comics introduced the yellow sun idea) and they did in the Earth-2 universe, so the X-ray Vision question still arises.

    There was also the New Krypton arc (recently cut short). Kandor was restored in our solar system and the Kryptonians had full super-powers.

  11. The NPR interview introduced ne to your website. I love the way you break down the law and give interesting examples. Furthermore, you make it easier for us, laymen who are interested in the law to follow the arguments. Great website.

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