Perspectives on Financing Innovation

If you’ll forgive a brief commercial announcement: Perspectives on Financing Innovation, a book I co-edited with F. Scott Kieff* and Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr., has been published by Routledge.  It is the fourth book in the informal Perspectives series, which includes books on commercializing innovation, corporate governance, and the human genome project.  Here is a short summary:

Although much has been written about innovation in the past several years, not all parts of the innovation lifecycle have been given the same treatment. This volume focuses on the important first step of arranging financing for innovation before it is made, and explores the feedback effect that innovation can have on finance itself.

The book brings together a diverse group of leading scholars in order to address the financing of innovation. The chapters address three key areas, intellectual property, venture capital, and financial engineering in the capital markets, in order to provide fresh and insightful analyses of current and future economic developments in financing innovation.

Dense stuff compared to the usual fare on this blog, but of interest to scholars, practitioners, and policy analysts.

* NB: Scott worked on this book before becoming a Commissioner at the ITC.

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