2013 Metropolitan Washington Mensa Regional Gathering

Last Saturday, May 18, I gave the keynote address at the 2013 Metropolitan Washington Mensa’s Regional Gathering. The address was entitled “This Is Not the Worst Thing You’ve Caught Me Doing: Iron Man, Comics, and the Law” and focused on the legal issues related to the Iron Man character, particularly as presented in the recent movies. Topics included weapons regulation, ITAR, the FAA and air traffic control and whether Stark might be liable for a DUI or related offense for using the Iron Man armor whilst drunk.

Pictures of the keynote inside!

MWMRG Keynote 1

MWMRG Keynote 2

MWMRG Keynote 3

MWMRG Keynote 4

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  1. Dang. I thought about attending that RG–wish I’d known.

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