NYCC Recap

We are back from New York Comic Con!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth or attended our panel and signing.  Thanks especially to everyone who bought a copy of the book!  We had a great time doing the panel.  We opened it up to Q&A pretty quickly and had a non-stop stream of fantastic questions from the audience.  If we couldn’t get to your question or if you thought of more, please email us at and

James and Ryan give a panel discussion on The Law of Superheroes

James and Ryan at the Law of Superheroes panel discussion.

The audience at our NYCC panel

Our fantastic fans!

After the panel we had a chance to meet several of our regular readers and commenters as well as some people who heard of us for the first time at the con.  Special shout out to Linda, Martha, David, Danny, Andrew, and Ken!

The rest of the con was also great.  We met several comic book writers and artists whose work we’ve discussed here, including Mark Waid (current author of Daredevil), Paolo Rivera (the artist and cover artist for several issues of Daredevil), Dan Slott (who did a fantastic run of She-Hulk), Comfort Love and Adam Withers (the team behind The Uniques), Tom King (author of A Once Crowded Sky), and more!  We also picked up a lot of great comics to write about. We also met part of the team at Broadcast Thought, a group of forensic psychiatrists who have done some really insightful thinking about comics.  We expect to see some big things from them in the future!

While in New York we also recorded an interview with Marketplace and appeared in the The New York Times (for the second time).  We have more exciting announcements planned, so stay tuned!

For more about the panel, check out this article at Legal As She Is Spoke!

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  1. Any chance we could get a video or transcript? I’d love to see what questions the audience came up with.

  2. Fabulous article about the event from the Legal as She is Spoke folks. Thanks for posting!

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