Book Clarification

Alert reader Kris wrote in with a note about one of the examples in the book:

Wonder Woman didn’t kill Maxwell Lord to save Batman. At that point, Superman had already attacked and nearly killed Batman, who was then convalescing back in Justice League HQ. Lord was compelling Superman to kill Wonder Woman as this point, by making Supes believe she was Doomsday in the middle of killing Lois Lane. When she managed to track down Lord she tied him up with her golden lasso and then commanded Lord to release Supes, which he did, but then Lord told her that he still had control, and once she let Lord loose from the lasso it would just start all over again. … This was in Wonder Woman #219, by Greg Rucka. Infinite Crisis #1 had a one-panel flashback to this issue.

In fact, we’re both correct.  Our version of the story comes from Manhunter, in which the story is also told via flashbacks and video footage.  In that book, Superman is shown choking Batman saying “I’ll kill you Doomsday!”.   Superman, who is relating the story, says “It was actually Batman who I was fighting, and I almost killed him.  If it wasn’t for Wonder Woman tracing it back to Max, I would still be under his thrall.”  It’s never made clear that Wonder Woman killed Max in a separate incident from the attack on Batman.

So in some sense we can blame the continuity editing at DC, but nonetheless we should have checked the canonical version of the story in Wonder Woman.

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