Law and the Multiverse on The Legal Tribune Online

James and Ryan were recently interviewed for The Legal Tribune Online, a partner site of Der Spiegel. The interview is here.

I don’t have enough German to get much out of it—and don’t let the blog’s title fool you: this is definitely a German site—, but James assures me it’s a good article, and we’re honored to have been asked.

2 responses to “Law and the Multiverse on The Legal Tribune Online

  1. I’m a german law-student and a (religious) follower of L.T.O. so subsequently reading their post I stumbled across your blog.

    I just wanted to take a minute to let you know, that I love what you are doing – I think you guys are absolutely awesome for trying to (and most certainly acchieving) to make all that legalese more attainable and actually fun – thank you so much!


  2. Vanessa Koester

    Good evening,

    I’m a german law student as well and I’m working hard for passing my first state examination. I think it’s great to facilitate complex records in such a “simple” way. I’m absolutely addicted to L.T.O. and thankful that I found this blog. Hoping the blog will exhilarate long – learning days. Thank you guys, you are doing a great job.
    I promise to recommend this blog! 🙂

    Best Wishes,

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