Law and the Multiverse CLE Reminder

Just a reminder for the attorneys in the audience:  Our online CLE courses presented by Thomson West are fast approaching.  The June 21st program is an overview of some torts concepts illustrated by comic book situations, and the June 27th program is about superhero attorneys and legal ethics.  Be sure to use promotional code HEROES2011 for a 25% discount!

3 responses to “Law and the Multiverse CLE Reminder

  1. Really?! You can get CLE credit for something like this? Good to know for after I pass the bar… (goes back to his BarBri books)

    • Well, the CLE courses are a bit more formal and heavier on the specifics of the law than the blog is, since the audience is different. We’re mostly using comics as a source of factual scenarios to which regular law clearly applies. We’re not discussing the more outlandish stuff.

      There’s a rich tradition of this kind of thing, though. There are several CLE courses that use movies and books as the source material (usually John Grisham-type stuff, but still).

      Good luck with the bar!

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