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We wanted to take a moment to let you, our readers, give us some feedback about what kind of posts you would like to see on the blog.ย  There are three polls.ย  If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback, please drop us a line in the comments to this post or send us an email.

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Thanks for voting, and don’t miss today’s post about Smallville right below this post!

16 responses to “Reader Polls

  1. Your blog is fantastic. Wave the nerd flag higher, if you want, and I’m sure no one would object.

  2. I would actually prefer less citation in the text, and more footnotes. If that’s even possible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Alas, the bit about footnotes was only a joke. HTML isn’t so great with footnotes, since there’s no concept of pagination in HTML. I’ve seen a couple of sites do a trick where they put the footnotes out to the side, but I don’t think WordPress supports that. We could stuff everything down into endnotes, but I hate endnotes. So that leaves in-line citations as the least-bad option. We’d do footnotes if we could, though.

      • Can you put the footnotes into tooltips?

        I love it the way it is, though.

      • Brian Haughwout

        As a history student, I love footnotes, so I’m biased.

        I’ve seen some blogs do ‘footnotes’ not at the end of a page, but at the end of a section or block of paragraphs (to approximate a book page and not make one scroll all the way down to the bottom to read the note). I don’t know how that would work for you.

        BTW, I love the site. I play in a Heroes Unilimited game at the local comic shop where our characters are superpowered cops policing meta-crime. Suffice it to say, I refer this blog on a weekly basis! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I expressed opinions on the poll, but they’re “soft” opinions. Do what you like. It’s fun reading, however you decide to maintain it.

    And I have no information on it other than Google pointing me there, and don’t have time to experiment on my own WordPress installation for you, but this might be of some interest:

    • We’re hosted at, so no plugins for us. Thanks for the suggestion, though. If we ever move to hosted elsewhere then that may be a very useful plugin.

  4. tl;dr: you’re doing great as it is ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Dennis Castello

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep reading it! And congrats on the great press you’ve been getting — it’s well deserved.

  6. Re: Pretty much anything fictional. I’m not picky.

    How about a rank of the week where anything goes? Say for example you see something on Law and Order (for example) that is SO bad that you just have to comment about it even though it isn’t about superheroes. Oh and it should be something most of us have already seen to avoid spoilers.

  7. I voted to stick to superhero comics, but I think I’d be fine with seeing some spin-off blogs that dealt with other things…. I’m imagining: Law & The Multiverse: The Final Frontier, Law & The Multiverse: Magic, gold, and dragons… You get the idea.

    I just started reading this a couple of weeks ago but so far I’m hooked.

    • You need to read the FAQ.

      • Agreed. I definitely should’ve. However; I still feel that there’s a need to explore the topic in non-comic book shows that are still real world. Shows like Fringe, X-Files, Stargate, Supernatural, and even shows like Bones, House and Lie to Me and a myriad of others all take place within “our” world don’t they? Besides I was suggesting a place outside of this website for that.

        In any case you’re right. Always read the FAQ.

      • Martin Phipps

        I didn’t mean to be rude.

        There have been posts here about Tron Legacy, Swordfish and Limitless. They even answered a legal question here about the movie S.W.A.T. One thing they didn’t mention in the FAQ is that they avoid “true to life” scenarios like “I saw a woman accused of murdering her husband on Law and Order. What should I do if the same thing happens to me?” because they aren’t here to give legal advice.

        A better question would be “In the final episode of the X-Files, Mulder was accused of murdering a man who was actually an alien. The man didn’t actually die but witnesses said he killed him. Nowadays can anybody be convicted of murder without any physical evidence whatsoever, just simply based on eye witness testimony? It sounds a bit far fetched.”

        Actually, they might take that question because I don’t think they’ve dealt yet with the issue of testimony and what is considered plausible or implausible. On the show, Mulder tried to convince the court that there were aliens on Earth preparing an invasion. Would they allow his testimony in open court or would they stop proceedings and have a doctor give Mulder a psychiatric review? It may seem like common sense that an accused would have the constitutional right to present a defense but there’s the issue of wasting the court’s time, that plus the fact that admitting such evidence into court may set a precedence. I don’t think they even allow lie detector results in court.

  8. @Martin

    You’re okay. You weren’t rude you were actually 100% correct.

    That question about X-Files is a great one too.

  9. Shanya Almafeta

    In particular, I’d like to see coverage of superheroic tabletop RPGs and massively multiplayer RPGs. (Two games in particular have particularly plot-important laws, City of Heroes and Silver Age Sentinels, although most of those questions are .)

    And I have your blog to thank for making me interested in legal theory and the development of law, so I’m firmly on the side of “more legal theory and background.”

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