Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Law and the Multiverse has been featured in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. James and Ryan were interviewed last week.

4 responses to “Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

  1. The picture accompanying the article raises a question, the importance of which cannot be overstated:

    Fort Wayne still has phone booths?

    • Apparently. We had to drive around quite a ways to find it, and I did not confirm whether or not it was still in operation.

  2. That’s outstanding. I got my paper this morning, and there was this blog. I never knew you were from Fort Wayne. This makes me want to buy you a beer sometime. Say, Munchies?

    Phenomenal job guys, keep blogging I’ll keep reading everyday. This may be the most interesting site on the web.

  3. Wow! You hit the big time!

    Used to live in Ft. Wayne years ago (attending Concordia Theol. Seminary). It’s a nice town, and I’m glad they have such interesting persons as yourselves. Just found this blog from a link at Patterico. (Or maybe it was a link from a link.) Glad I did!

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