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Co-author Ryan Davidson was featured on this morning’s edition of The Takeaway.

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  1. Kenneth Chisholm

    I just discovered this blog and I am entranced!

    May I suggest an idea that I briefly chatted with a lawyer over 15 years at a SF convention: how would the law react if a sapient non-human species living in North American society was revealed, specifically the Gargoyles species from the Disney Animated TV series, “Gargoyles.”

    Incidentally, the lawyer briefly stated that if a species is discovered who is obviously physiologically non-human, but obviously think and communicate much like humans, the law would default to declaring them human in the eyes of the law. I would love to hear your thoughts in an essay in this blog.

  2. I very much enjoyed hearing about your blog on The Takeaway. Great idea!

  3. I saw this website on the NY Times and I loved it! I have a legal question, though it stems from Futurama. (A TV show) If the professor were to drop dead, who would inherit his estate? Would it be Fry (a great great uncle) or the professor’s clone? (Can clones inherit?) or possibly his lost son Igmar? (which paternity has not clearly been established)

    • An interesting question! We’ll presume that the Professor does not have a will, or at least not a valid one, otherwise the will would dictate the inheritance. Generally speaking there would be a more or less well-defined order of intestate succession that sets out who would inherit. If clones cannot inherit and Igmar cannot establish his paternity, then Fry would probably inherit, unless closer living relatives come out of the woodwork to claim their share. A clone could be regarded as a twin sibling, which would put the clone ahead of Fry but after Igmar, assuming he was in fact the Professor’s son. Under most intestate succession schemes I think whoever of these had the better claim would take the whole estate. I don’t think the estate would be divided in this case.

    • And I just remembered that this was briefly addressed in Futarama season 3 episode 13. The Professor had evidently been declared legally dead three years earlier, and Cubert (his clone) announces that he has inherited everything. So I guess clones can indeed inherit, but the question of Igmar’s paternity remains.

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